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How To Lead When You Are Feeling Afraid

I’d known Jeff (not his real name) for many years, as a client and as a friend, but I’d never seen him so thrown. I could feel his fear, his sense of uncertainty. And it was with good reason. Jeff was the head of sales for a company whose product was, more or less, impossible to sell. His company, Golden […]

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Russia Plan To Get Rid Of Space Junk

A research and development department inside the Russian space agency wants to build a laser cannon A conceptual illustration by artist Edward L. Cooper of a ground-based laser developed by the USSR decades ago (Image: US Department of Defense) Scientists and researchers have been warning us about the dangers of space junk for a while now. These lumps of disused […]

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World Biggest Airport Set To Open In 2019

Beijing’s new airport is set to be the world’s biggest, according to Reuters. The Beijing New Airport, opening in the southern Daxing district in 2019, will serve as a way to meet the growing needs of air transport in Beijing and enhance the country’s civil aviation presence. It will become the new base for China Southern Airlines and China Eastern […]

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Check Out The 2019 Edition Of Range Rover

Check more Range Rover redesign its signature offering in ways that put it even further from the madding crowd. When the Supercharged wasn’t enough, we got the Autobiography. When the 518-horsepower Autobiography wouldn’t do, we got the 577-hp SVAutobiography Dynamic. Now, starting at that former peak, we welcome the Range Rover SV Coupe, a two-door coach that establishes a number […]

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Coca Cola Lauch His First Alcoholic Drink In Japan

Click here for more Coca-Cola on Monday launched its first alcoholic drink. The canned liquor product was launched in Japan. The U.S. drinks giant aims at making a version of “Chu-Hi” – canned sparkling flavoured drink – that includes a local spirit called shochu. According to the president of Coca-Cola’s Japan business unit, Jorge Garduno, in a post on the […]

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From its etymology, cars were made as means of transportation, with the first steam-powered automobile capable of human transport produced in 1769 by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. Over time, car making has evolved from the first combustion engine fuelled by hydrogen made in 1808 to the 1870 first gasoline powered combustion engine to 1903 when Ford produced thousands of affordable cars for […]

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Science says it may help you live longer, especially if you don’t get enough rest during the week. Scientists have long known about the connection between how much you sleep and how long you live. Lack of sleep can have dire consequences for your health. It can give you heart problems or hurt your waistline, and it can leave you […]

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Written by Oscar Holland, CNN An arched skyscraper in Suzhou, a museum in Guangzhou composed of Tetris-like blocks and a Shanghai theater with a bronze facade that moves constantly throughout the day — these are just some of the bold Chinese buildings that have attracted attention and, for some, raised eyebrows in the past decade. In Kris Provoost’s striking images, […]

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Some Marketing Rules Every Entrepreneur Must Know

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to know some certain rules when it comes to marketing. Marketing is all about gaining the attention of people to your products and services and satisfying your customers requirements You need to follow these marketing rules to get the attention of potential clients and customers. Without some marketing rules and strategy, it might be […]

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More Than 100 Uncontacted Tribes Still Exist In Isolation In Global Society

Dozens of isolated pockets of people continue to avoid contact with the rest of the world, whether it’s by choice, or by necessity. Some tribes maintain their isolation deep in the Amazon rainforest  (Gleilson Miranda/State of Acre Department of Communication/Wikimedia (CC BY 2.5 BR)) We are more connected today than at any time in our species’ history, yet isolated pockets […]