See The World First Shrinking Car Ready To Set On Street – Fox News

A transformers inspired car has been unveiled by a Japanese firm as the first real life shapeshifting robot. The Optimus Prime bot dubbed ‘Earth-1’ can switch from a regular car to an upright mode at the twitch of a joystick.


Four Link Systems commissioned Kunio Okawara, designer of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” game, to sketch the wild concept with two large fins and brake lights at the back, and a cockpit opening for the driver to get in at the front.

It looks like any other futuristic car, driving with a steering wheel and pedals, until you transform it into Optimus Prime or Bumblebee using the company’s motor system.


The car is priced at ($71,000) and is awaiting permission to get it up and running on public roads.


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