Scientist Discovered New Alien Planet

Recently scientists have spotted four new exoplanets (extrasolar planets) in a distant galaxy orbiting around a dwarf star. A group of astronomers used the Hungarian Automated Telescope Network-South (HATSouth) Exoplanet Survey to spot these planets, namely HATS-50, HATS-51, HATS-52 and HATS-53; all of which belong to the G-type.

“We report the discovery of four close-in transiting exoplanets (HATS-50b through HATS-53b), discovered using the HATSouth three-continent network of homogeneous and automated telescopes,” stated the report, which was published in The study was conducted by a team of researchers led by Max Planck Institute for Astronomy’s (Germany) Thomas Henning.

The Automated Telescope Network (HATNet) is a Hungarian project, which is a huge network that contains six astrograph telescope systems. The aim of this network is to find out the exoplanets that are orbiting the comparatively bright stars, which can be seen from earth’s northern hemisphere.

Source: ibtimes


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