Amazing See The World Longest Glass Bridge In China

The bridge was opened on Christmas Eve, which has a 6.5ft-wide (2m) walkway, meaning a couple of people can walk along side-by-side – you’d definitely want a buddy to cling onto as you walk across it, and to shout ‘If I’m going down then so are you!’ at.

The walkway is paved with a total of 1,077 glass panels, according to People’s Daily Online, citing China Daily. Each of those panels is just 1.5 inches (3.81cm) thick – which may sound thin, but probably feels even worse when you’re stood up there looking down.

And because the idea of walking across a see-through bridge isn’t thrilling enough for some, there’s another element to the adrenaline rush in that it has a ‘swaying sensation’.

The company that built the bridge – Hebei Bailu Group – told local media that they thought the swinging motion could entertain tourists as they take in the breath-taking scenery around them. Because a 755ft drop isn’t enough of a sensation in itself, clearly.

The world’s longest glass bridge was previously a bridge situated in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan Province in southern China. Because so many had come rushing to the 984ft (300m) high structure every, safety concerns had been risen – and it was even was forced to close last year just 13 days after it opened, due to an overwhelming number of visitors.

Then, of course, there’s the other massive Chinese bridge with a glass walkway – you know, the one where part of the walkway actually broke. A group of tourists were left screaming, scared shitless, on the side of the 3,540ft (1,078m) high cliff – this one in Henan, central China – after one of the glass panes of a new transparent walkway suddenly shattered.


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