A Prophet Of God Said Alien Will Invade Earth

According to 68-year-old Marshall Vian Summers, aliens are coming to “take control” and rob us of our natural resources. The Prophet says God told him aliens will take over earth. Express.co.uk reports that he also claims that he has been receiving messages from God concerning the future for the past 35 years.

The Prophecy These messages are all in a new book called “The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe”. Summers, who is the leader of The New Message From God (TNMFG) movement says his book contains God’s words on how to deal with “environmental changes” and “other life forms” as we “enter a new phase of humanity’s history and evolution in the universe.”

Summers is the Messenger for the New Message from God (newmessage) In a recent radio interview, he says, “This awareness has been with me a long time. This revelation, part of which deals with the reality if intelligent life in the Universe and visitations that are occurring to our world. “We are emerging into a much larger neighbourhood of life, of which we know nothing of, and we need to prepare for that.

We are dealing with a force that is here for its own purposes for control, there have been attacks on military installations. “This is the greatest event in human history, and the new message teaches us how to deal with this”. The prophecy contains some hope Despite the disaster that is looming ahead, Summers claims there all hope is not lost.

The prophet says things can be different as long as people begin to respect the planet “given to us by God. We are not dealing with an insurmountable force, this planet is God’s gift to us”. Once this happens, God will help us handle the threat. He adds, “This is the time for humanity to unite and to become strong.

The incentive for this is immense. The possibility for failure is great. This is your chance to rise or to fall, to become great, united and free in the Universe or to diminish yourselves here on Earth and fall under subjugation to foreign powers.

“This represents the great threshold for humanity, the great opportunity for humanity and the great challenge for humanity.” Who is this doomsday prophet? Mr Summers is a self-proclaimed prophet, who lives in Colorado, USA.

He is the leader of the TNMFG, a movement that is from God to everyone irrespective of their religion. His TNMFG website offers further insight: “He (Mr Summers) has walked a long and arduous journey to receive God’s New Message and bring it to you and to all who can receive it.

“He is a humble man, sent into the world for this purpose, to be the Messenger for the New Message from God.” “Never before has the risk of war, religious conflict, catastrophic climate change and human suffering been more dire.

“For humanity is facing a new set of circumstances that it has never faced before, and a new revelation has been given to prepare humanity, to warn humanity and to strengthen humanity so it may unite in the face of the great waves of change”.

Mr Summers has met angels sent to help the Earth. In his words, “It is unlike anything else in the world. Words cannot describe it. It was revealed to me by the Angels of God, a powerful, mysterious presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace.”


2 thoughts on “A Prophet Of God Said Alien Will Invade Earth

  1. Micdisc

    Could this be real? What should we be expecting


    1. Well according to the prophet, let wait and see what is coming maybe the prophecy is true or false God knows


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