Check Out The Man That Look Like A Toddler At The Age Of 30

A Single Mum whose 30 years old son suffers from a rare disease, has vowed not to give up on her son.

The 30-year-old still looks like a toddler because of a mysterious disease. Chu Xiaoping, 52, said her son stopped growing at the age of two because of the rare illness which local doctors in Wanfang Village, in Yuexi County in China’s eastern Anhui Province, have not been able to diagnose.

Now her son Wang Tianfang, who was born in 1987, is unable to talk, walk or even take care of himself, forcing him to rely heavily on his loyal mother. Sadly, Chu has revealed that her son is not only physically like he was 28 years ago, he is also intellectually the age of a toddler.

While not mentioning what became of Wang’s father or whether she had ever been married in the past, Chu has vowed to keep her son alive for as long as possible. “In 1990, when my son was three, a villager suggested that I leave him outside a temple and let someone else take him away,” Chu recalled. She added: “They said I should just have another child, but I strongly refused”.

Reports have been going around online about an overweight toddler weighs more than an average 9-years old.


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