Big Colourful Fish Discovered


At first, Austin Ensor thought it was just a big fish. It couldn’t be an opah. Not in Ocean City, Maryland; opah — also known as moonfish — are found in tropical waters.

But when he saw the massive fish thrashing under the water, it left no doubt in his mind that he and his fishing buddies were about to make the catch of a lifetime.

“The only reason I knew it was an opah is because I follow some friends out on the West Coast and some friends in Hawaii on the big island over there that catch them periodically, and I have seen them in Instagram posts and things like that.

“Then I saw him come up and I said, ‘It’s an opah!’” Austin said.

Austin and his fishing buddies had been trying to make their fishing season last a bit longer into fall — and perhaps catching an opah was a sign that it would!

It all started when they caught an 80 pound swordfish.

They suddenly felt their bait had been snagged again. It was the opah.

It ultimately took nearly an hour and half to finally reel in the massive moonfish and they discovered it weighed a whopping 105 pounds!


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