Man Made A Remarkable Jet Suit


The jet suit which cost a sum of £40,000 moved at a rate of 32.02 mph following a test run.

Richard Browning, an inventor of British origin set a world record that saw him fly a jet engine power suit occupied by his own body.

The BBC News reported that he flew the object around the United Kingdom, covering the expanse of a lake located in Reading. His speed in the exercise was put at a rate of 32.02 mph (51.53 km/h), according to the Guinness World Records.

This encouraged an unsuccessful attempt by the innovator which led him to land in the middle of the lake. The media company quoted him describe the jet suit as an “indulgent toy”. It has not showed any major risk signs and can become useful in the future, Browning believes.

Learning the capabilities of the machine has been a gradual process for his team which has not etched anything in stone concerning the project. Admirers of the idea can be certain of the Richard Browning’s commitment at ensuring more possibilities are explored in a bid to perfect the device.

“Every time you take this equipment out you never really know how it’s going to work out,”he told the BBC.

“It’s all very new there is no rule book for this, there is no guidebook or manual. We took a little bit of swim on run four but that proves we’re trying to push boundaries.”

Browning who is now being described as the ‘the real life Iron Man’ developed the jet suit at a cost of £40,000. It is the outcome of the designer’s long term fascination about human flight.


Richard Browning, dressed in his £40,000 jet suit.  (Evening Standard)

If certified for human use, the suit can provide an idea for entities in the business of warfare as they hope to strengthen their Military capabilities.

Perhaps, the world can see a world where jet suits are just what will be needed to be part of a quality manpower responding swiftly to a natural disaster or even better.


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