A Russia Boy Claim He Had Been In Mars In His Pass Life


Boriska, a Russian boy who lives in Volgograd, has sensationally claimed that he was born on Mars in his previous birth. The boy caught the attention of professors and researchers when he showed outstanding planetary knowledge and special abilities which a normal human kid cannot boast of.

Boriska’s mother, who is a doctor, believes that her son has some special capabilities, as he held his head up just two weeks after being born. His impeccable memory and spectacular talent in knowledge also make us believe that he has roots from an advanced alien race.


Boriska’s parents claim that their son started reading newspapers when he was just 18 months old, and soon he developed the habit of drawing planetary objects and other cosmic events. Even though his parents had never talked to him regarding our solar system, young Boriska often sat and talked about Mars which amused everyone.

Startling claims from Boriska

According to Boriska, Mars once had a beautiful civilization just like the Earth, but it faced devastation due to a thermonuclear war. Boriska also made it clear that some Martians survived the nuclear war, and they are now living in underground locations.

As per Boriska, Martians used to inhale carbon dioxide to sustain their lives, and whenever they visit Earth, they breathed out from pipes filled with CO2. When asked if he could describe the UFOs he said that these crafts he was familiar with were more tear shaped than the most-believed saucer shape.

Boriska also revealed that he was a Martian pilot in his previous birth, adding that he has visited Earth two or three times. According to Boriska, there are many secrets surrounding the Great Pyramid of Gaza, and the discoveries surrounding the pyramid will reshape the entire course of humanity.

Boriska also believes that the existence of life on Mars will be proved soon. Boriska is now 20 years old, and he still continues making claims of his living experience on Mars in his previous birth. Read the full transcript here.


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