Under Water Restaurant Planing To Be Unveil In Norway


Norway: a land of rolling fjords and lonely polar bears circling its distant arctic rim. Of coniferous forests, harsh grey seas, John Arne Riise and extremely expensive beers.
Oh, and now Europe’s first ever underwater restaurant
Coming to a frozen Norwegian coastline near you soon, architecture firm Snøhetta has revealed plans to build a restaurant in southern Norway that will be partly submerged beneath the briny deep, so you can devour mackerel in their own back yard… you sadist.


But just take a look at how nice it’s going to look
Located in Båly at the southern tip of the country, about five hours from Oslo, the appropriately-named Under will seat up to 100 people, while also housing a marine biology research centre and an artificial mussel reef; the perfect place to harvest those sweet, sweet bivalves.
An 11-metre panoramic window will give diners the chance to gaze into the ocean abyss, while the decor will feature hues of dark blue and green that will compliment the restaurants surroundings. There’s also going to be an outdoor champagne bar, to calm your nerves before you descend.
Gimmicky? Perhaps. But you can guarantee it’ll be far more impressive than a restaurant submerged in the Thames. Unless you’re into watching severed feet and mutant eels drift by while you’re eating




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