Cristiano Ronaldo drop as Europe highest paid celebrity 

Cristiano Ronaldo, as been displaced off the post of the highest paid celebrity in Europe as the author of Harry Potter J.K. Rowling takes over as the highest paid celebrity in Europe.
According to Fobes, the Real Madrid star, who is currently earning $93Million is $2Million less than J.K Rowling, who is earning $95Million.

Cristiano Ronaldo, is among other two European footballers Gareth Bale an Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who made it to the top 20. Bale earns $34Million, while Ibrahimovic maintains $32Million. Others who made it too are musicians.

Below is the list of those who made it this year 2017 on the of the highest paid celebrities in Europe.
1. J.K Rowling $95m
2. Cristiano Ronaldo $93m
3. Coldplay $88m
4. Adele $69m
5. Roger Federer $64m
6. Elton John $60m
7. Gordon Ramsey $60m
8. Paul McCartney $54m
9. Rory McIlroy $50m
10. Calvin Harris $48m
11. Lewis Hamilton $46m
12. Simon Cowell $43.5m
13. Tiesto $39m
14. Sebastian Vettel $38.5m
15. Novak Djokovic $37.6m
16. Ed Sheeran $37m
17. Fernando Alonso $36m
18. Gareth Bale $34m
19. Conor McGregor $34m
20. Zlatan Ibrahimovic $32m


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